Reformation Community


Booksville - A new flagship project

At AfroPark our mission is to create a platform for African entrepreneurs to showcase their talents and businesses.

Today we focus on Reformation Community.

This non-governmental organization has an awe-inspiring mission: to provide children in their formative years with education that will develop them holistically, to ensure that future generations inherit a society that adequately caters to their needs, and to produce more legally literate persons in society.

The team at Reformation Community is made up of passionate young adults with an impressive range of skills in the fields of Law, Economics, Information Technology, Business Administration, Insurance and Political Science. Through education, intergenerational equity and legal literacy, the Reformation Community team equips children with the requisite skill set and tools to become self – motivated problem solvers.

In line with their mission to educate children, Reformation Community set up their flagship project – Booksville. Booksville is a mobile library project that provides children between the ages of seven and fifteen with books according to their needs. The goal of Booksville is to equip children with the reading skills that will allow them to flourish into contributing members of society.

Want to find out more about Reformation Community? The team will be at the AfroPark Art Show, ready to answer any questions you may have. You can also visit their website on this link


Providing a platform for African entrepreneurs to showcase their businesses