Flexible workspaces that suit your needs

At AfroPark, our mission is to create a platform for African entrepreneurs to showcase their talents and businesses. This week, we would like to shine a light on our gracious host for the AfroPark Art Show, buro.

buro. is an office and co-working space centrally located near Labone Junction. buro.’s offerings include serviced offices, meeting and conference rooms, and a co-working area with complimentary beverages, friendly staff, and 24hr security.

More than just an office space and venue for hire, buro. is fostering a community for professionals and businesses to collaborate. Through their online member network, you can easily connect with other members of the community and use the buro. directories to find others with complementary skills to yours.

buro.’s mission is very much in line with ours at AfroPark – to build a community of entrepreneurs. For this reason buro. is not just an AfroPark event host, but a long term partner that we are proud and privileged to be associated with.

Pop in for a tour or enquire at www.burogh.com to find out more.


Providing a platform for African entrepreneurs to showcase their businesses