NadèLI Creative Fair & Podcast Launch

We’re happy you made it here!

The NadèLI Creative Fair is showcasing the unique works of our Bootcamp participants, who teamed themselves into three categories: Aural, Literary, and Visual, based on their creative interests to collaboratively produce works that align with the theme “Creativity as the Gateway to a Thriving Economy for Young Graduates” and have unleashed their creativity through these projects. On this special day, we launch the creative outputs of these emerging creatives – an anthology, an audio drama and a curated photography exhibition.

We are proud to have collaborated with the African Masters Broadcasting Centre to produce the Dear Creative podcast hosted by NadèLI’s Ekow, to assist young creatives in navigating the creative terrain and getting started as emerging creatives in Ghana and Africa. We launch the podcast today!

Programme Outline

15:00 – 15:20

 Arrival/Open Merch stand 

15:20 – 15:30

 Seating/Purpose of Event

15:30 – 15:45 

Introductions – NadèLI x Powered by AfroPark | buro.

15:45 – 16:15

 Discussion with Jacqueline Sarkodie (Panel Discussion pt. 1)

16:15 – 16:30

 Spoken Word Performance 

16:30 – 16:45 

Unveiling of Creative Fair (Introducing the NCC programme and the finalist Bootcamp cohort)

16:45 – 17:00 

Exhibition of Outputs (Anthology Excerpts Reading)

17:00 – 17:15

 AudioDrama Trailer Listening party 

17:15 – 18:00 

 Dear Creative Launch (Bonus Episode Teaser) x Panel Discussion with Q+A, pt. 2 

18:00 – 18:20

 Exhibition of Outputs (Tour by Photographer)

18:20 – 18:45 

Presentation of Certificates 

18:45 – 19:00 

Closing Remarks and Refreshments

NadèLI Creative Cafe

The Bootcamp is a comprehensive short-term training programme for student creatives to practise and hone their craft. In collaboration with creatives from universities in Ghana, this programme seeks to build a community of like-minded creatives to undertake impactful projects while concurrently supporting them in building compelling portfolios even as student creatives in a bid to give them an advantage to thrive in and navigate the creative market and landscape. This programme is usually run from the long vacation period through the subsequent semesters of the participating students. The first edition of this Bootcamp delivered a free capacity-building virtual bootcamp for university-based creatives from the University of Ghana, Aheshi, and GIMPA to assist them in nurturing and supporting their creative journeys through tailored webinars to hone their creativity. 

Phase two of the programme, which we dubbed the Content Factory phase, required scheduled evaluation tests and assessments (with a unique and creative flavour). We eventually entered the final part, the project activity, to build promising portfolios for showcasing with 8 bootcampers. We offered bespoke support in expert-led sessions for creatives in the following categories:

– Literary (Anthology, Blogging, Scriptwriting)

– Aural (Audio Drama, Performance Poetry, Podcasting)

– Visual (Photography, Graphic Design)

The 8 creatives in each category collectively finalised what they wanted to showcase, and they have put in the work! We hope you enjoy their first creative and artwork productions. 

Meet the bootcampers

Benedicta Kyeremaa Addai

Benedicta is a student of the University of Ghana who studies Psychology to understand  people  and relate better with them. She loves to read and write poems. She is sociable and loves meeting new people.

Arthur Nuno

Arthur is a 22 year old from Jamestown.  He is a student in business administration, who stumbled upon photography and hasn't looked back since.  He is interested in capturing life through an array of perspectives that he already possesses and those he will discover through his photographic journey.

Nana Kow Impraim Annan

Nana Kow is an emerging podcaster and a creative storyteller. Venturing into the world of podcasting, Nana is passionate about learning and growing in this exciting medium. With dedication to honing their craft, Nana is set to take you on exploratory podcasting journeys, sharing their evolving passion for this captivating art form. He’s willing and eager to embrace new challenges and expand their creative horizons.

Maud Ama Kwakutey

Maud is a 22 year old level 400 student of University of Ghana, majoring in BA in Sociology and French. She identifies herself as a writer, standing in the field of spoken word performance and harnessing the other aspects which she has interest in. She is a member of the Aural Creatives of the NadèLi boot camp. She is loving, cheerful, ambitious, and diligent.

Richard De-Graft Tawiah

Richard, a recent law graduate from Central University, is a creative writer and spoken word poet passionate about words and social justice. He volunteers at the Foundation for Educational Equity and Development, focusing on community service. Additionally, Richard contributes to Nadéli's book of the month team, facilitating discussions and creating a welcoming environment. Committed to crafting impactful writing, he aims to stir hearts and minds.

Ernestina Elikem Dogbe

Ernestina is a young Ghanaian who writes with the pseudonym Adjoa Kedea. She loves food, God and to read and write fiction. She is pursuing a B.A Publishing studies degree at KNUST, a book editor and a contributing writer of TsooBoi and Family Matters, both anthologies. She volunteers with FEED, Libraries Without Walls and believes reading paves the way for the human mind to evolve.

Dorcas Kongwie Yelsunni 

Dorcas, a 2021 graduate from the University of Education, Winneba, pursued a Bachelor of Arts in English Language Education. She interned at Accra Academy, taught at Kalphin SDA JHS from 2021 to 2023, and is an alumna of Lead for Ghana (LFG). Currently a social media manager at Reed Africa, Dorcas is dedicated to positively impacting lives, especially the less privileged, and aspires to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Interested in communications and education, she finds joy in reading, music, and travel.

Naa Lamiorkor Boye

Naa Lamiorkor a second-year student in Ashesi University studying Management Information Systems. She has been a poet for the past seven (7) years and entered the spoken word field three (3) years ago. She enjoys reading, watching movies and series, and making new connections.

Meet the Mentors

Anthony Kwavah

Anthony M. Kwavah, a Ghanaian writer, explores themes of family dynamics, personal freedom, and spirituality in his fiction and poetry. Winner of the Short Story Category in the 2020 Samira Bawumia Literature Prize, he launched the Review.TON blog in December 2022, focusing on Ghanaian and African arts. A participant in the 2022 Mo Issa Writers’ Workshops and an alumnus of the SprinNG Writing Fellowships program, you can find him on Twitter as @theRainbowMoth1 and on Instagram as @the.rainbow.moth.

Cynthia Bloom

Cynthia is a freelance multi-faceted creator. She has always been ‘Cyn Blooms’ – the content creator and social media marketer. She is the founder and CEO of Blooms Creative; a female-led full service creative marketing agency, working with the most eminent travel and lifestyle brands in the world. Her works are uniquely captured in a seamless blend of photography, travel, stories, and marketing, and she calls it ‘effortless élan’. She has worked with the Tourism Board of Virginia, Benson Watch U.S, Lume Cube, Hotel Alegria Portugal, Ghana Meet Me There eco-lodge, The Royal Senchi luxury resort, Busfabrik CamperVan Rentals Switzerland, and Château d’Urspelt luxe hotel and spa Luxembourg. She is intentional about telling vivid, emotional and compelling stories.

Kennie MacCarthy

Kennie is a mechanical engineer who is passionate about contributing to waste management solutions and hopes to positively affect lives and the environment through her work. She has a love for design and everything DIY. Kennie is a writer and editor and has contributed to two anthologies on climate change and gender-based violence

Donate to Ghana's Creative Haven

For every merch item you purchase, we are able to support our community of emerging student creatives with a series of comprehensive periodical training programmes to practise and hone their crafts. 

We aim to consciously build a community of like-minded creatives to undertake impactful projects while concurrently supporting them to build compelling portfolios even as student creatives in the bid to give them an advantage ahead of thriving in and navigating the creative market and landscape.

With the creatives who have showcased their works at our first creative fair event, your donations will support them in stipends for the time and effort they have invested in their first creative projects exhibits.

The NCC Bootcamp is provided at zero cost to creative beneficiaries. We intend to additionally maintain this generous offer to the next year’s cohort of prospective beneficiaries.

As a social enterprise attempting to secure quality and effective resources and tools needed to undertake impactful workshops, consultancies and brand support services, we are passionate about overall being both efficient and relevant with the services we offer to all our beneficiaries, even outside the NCC programme. However, we have to admit that the running costs of the programme can be costly.

Investing in young Ghanaian creatives, they will be equipped and empowered to give back triple-fold what they received to the creative economy, our country and the world.

All proceeds go to funding the sustainability and expansion of our programmes.

Dear Creative Podcast

DCP by NadéLI gives young emerging African creatives a chance to put forward their dilemmas concerning the ‘what-tos’ and ‘how-tos’ of taking the initiative in building genius creative brands. Hosted by our Co-founder Eugene as ‘Ekow Ewusi’, each episode responds to the obstacles creatives face by collaborating with creative consultants from across industries and professions who provide these creatives with the resources they need to channel their creative prowess into genius brands.

The podcast calls on all emerging creatives seeking to navigate the creative landscape and economy. The podcast has been successfully produced and released on Spotify and Google Podcasts. 

Season 1 of the show, in collaboration with the AMBC, delves into various themes of ‘Getting Started’ for the emerging creative individual.

The Complete Episodes of Season 1:



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